GlitterBug Potion

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Teach good handwashing technique—magically! GlitterBug Potion shows you where you have missed and helps you learn to wash your hands better.

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Glitterbug Potion makes Hand Washing Training both fun and easy.

Just squirt some onto your hands, rub it in and try to wash it off. Any residue will glow under a UV light.

Most people will have successfully cleaned their palms and maybe parts of their fingers. Many, however, will miss the wrist, side of the hand, fingernails and rings. The glowing Glitterbug Lotion will instantly show trainees where they are missing.

GlitterBug Potion is formulated from a UV fluorescent powder mixed in a special hand lotion. The pump dispenses just the right amount to cover a pair of hands, decreasing waste. Over 200 applications per 240ml (8oz) bottle.